New Election Process - Board of Directors

New Election Process - Board of Directors

October 30, 2019 | Ontario Processing Vegetable Growers

New Election Process - Board of Directors

Dear Grower Member,

As you are aware, elections for the Ontario Processing Vegetable Growers' Board of Directors are held
each year with four Board member positions up for election. This year, elections will be held for two
Board members from District 1, one Board member from District 2, and one Board member from District
3. Due to new Government of Ontario regulations, the procedure for conducting Board member
elections has changed. The new regulation can be read here:

We will be updating you with changes to the voting process within the coming days, but we currently
have an urgent need to complete the first step in this new process.

The new regulation requires OPVG to have one single person officially listed as the member
representative from each member company/producer. This single listed person will be the voting
member for the member company/producer, and eligible to run for a Board position.

You may have already received a phone call from OPVG asking you to verify this information. If you did
not provide the information at that time, PLEASE LET US KNOW BY OCTOBER 31 who within your
organization will be the member of record along with their contact information (phone, e-mail, mailing

As part of the voting process we are asking you to identify who that one individual is from your
organization. Here are the eligibility requirements. You may find these useful in determining which
name you put forward as your voting member.

Eligibility wording from the regulation:


If a producer is not an individual, the producer may designate in writing only one of the following
individuals, on behalf of the producer:
a. An officer or employee of the producer
b. In the case of a corporation, a shareholder or director of the corporation.
c. In the case of a partnership, a partner.
d. In the case of a joint venture, a member of the joint venture.

If you are a producer in more than one district, please also include which district you wish to represent.
Additionally, if you feel like you are not placed within the correct district, please let us know.

Governance Solutions Inc. ( has been appointed as the Returning
Officer for the purpose of this election. If you have any questions, you can contact their office at 519-

Thank you in advance for your co-operation