Our Work

Our Mission

To supply our customers with safe, high quality vegetables for processing, according to their requirements and on competitive terms and conditions, that have been profitably grown using sustainable production practices

Our Vision

Catalyst for sustained growth and innovation in processing vegetables.

Our Values

Leadership – We will serve as one unified voice for Ontario’s processing vegetable growers

Collaboration – We will identify common goals with our value chain partners and work together to achieve them

Integrity – We will do business honestly, consistently and with accountability

Excellence – We will work to continuously improve production outcomes for processing vegetables

Innovation – We will seek to find and adopt better ways of achieving positive outcomes

Profitability – We seek to provide fair returns on investment relative to labour, capital and risk to our growers through negotiating competitive prices, terms and conditions with our value chain partners

Our Statement of Care

Our customers – We seek to grow and prosper with our customers as partners with aligned goals

Our growers – We will work for the best interests of our growers at all times to enable their farms to prosper from the production and marketing of vegetables for processing

Our consumers – We are committed to providing safe, high quality, locally grown, nutritious vegetables that can be accessed and enjoyed throughout the year

Our people – We will treat our staff with dignity and encourage their professional development

Our value chain relationships – We will work to support our sector through collaboration in research, crop production and harvesting practices, information sharing, sector strategy development and through negotiation of fair and competitive terms of sale

Our environment – We care about our water, soil and air resources and will work to use them as responsible stewards so that they are sustained for future generations

Who Are Our Customers?

Our customers are all those who benefit from the vegetables which we grow. Our primary customers are the processors and green shippers to whom we sell the vegetables we grow for processing. Our processor customers sell their products to further processors and to merchandisers in the grocery retail and food service segments. In the final analysis, the value chain stops at the consumers who enjoy vegetables in processed forms in their meals and snacks. Consumers are also our customers.

Primary Function

OPVG represents the interests of growers, their crops, and the sustainability of this industry. We negotiate prices, terms, and conditions of sale on behalf of our growers. We coordinate processing vegetable crop research, grower education and outreach support, product marketing and promotion. We advocate on behalf of our growers on issues impacting farm operations which include crop protection regulations, labour, business risk management programs and environmental practices.

Crops Involved

Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Sweet Corn, Green Peas, Green & Wax Beans, Carrots, Cauliflower, Cabbage, Beets, Peppers, Pumpkin, Squash, Lima Beans and Onions

Producer Representation

  • Approximately 350 processing vegetable growers in the three districts across Ontario
  • District committee officers elected annually at a rate of one committee officer per twenty growers
  • Grower members elect provincial directors to the local board from each of their districts in accordance with the provisions of the marketing plan
  • 8 elected provincial directors
  • 1 appointed Chair
  • Growers have committed a portion of their annual gross returns. Some of these funds are used for the purpose of sourcing market data and industry information.