Canadian Digital Adoption Program

Canadian Digital Adoption Program

July 22, 2022 | CDAP

Whether you’re a farmer looking to maximize your crop yields or a small agri-business owner trying to scale up your operations, CDAP can help you find the right digital solutions and access funding and expertise to support your growth. The program also supports workforce growth and upskilling through training and work opportunities for young Canadians.

CDAP has two grant options:

  • Grow Your Business Online is designed to help smaller businesses adopt digital technology and take advantage of e-commerce opportunities. SMEs have the opportunity to collaborate with advisors to reach e-commerce goals. This could include improving web inventory, creating multi-factor authentication, or generating a platform for consumers to shop online. Eligible businesses receive micro-grants (up to $2,400) to help with costs related to adopting digital technologies, as well as support and advice from a network of e-commerce advisors. For Ontario businesses, the program guide can be accessed here:


  • Boost Your Business Technology supports businesses that have sophisticated digital transformation needs that go beyond basic e-commerce capabilities. Support for these businesses can take the form of advisory expertise for technology planning and financing options needed to put new or existing technologies to use—including access to a network of expert Canadian digital advisors—and government-funded youth work placements to help with digital transformation. Businesses can apply for grants (up to $15,000) to offset the cost of working with a digital advisor to develop a digital adoption plan. Applicants are also eligible to apply for an interest-free loan of up to $100,000 through the Business Development Bank of Canada to be used for implementing the digital plan, including acquiring and integrating technologies. The program guide can be accessed here:
  • Find out which grant is right for you.
  • For more information, attend one of two upcoming webinars on the program: