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2017 Weed Control Evaluations for various crops (PDF Document)D. E. Robinson$18,000
2017 Long-Term Cover Crop Research (PDF Document)Laura Van Eerd$3,000
2017 NYS Processing Snap Bean and Sweet Corn Evaluations (PDF Document)J. Ballerstein$8,000
2017 Management of Bacterial Spot on Processing Squash (PDF Document)C. Trueman$1,500
2017 Cultivar Evaluations of Processing Peas (PDF Document)J. Zandstra$5,000
2017 Improving Lepidoptera Control in Processing Sweet Corn (PDF Document)C. Trueman/E. Roddy$5,000
2017 Cucurbit Downy Mildew Using Chlorothalonil (PDF Document)C. Trueman$5,000
2017 Weed Control Evaluations (PDF Document)D. E. Robinson$4,000
2017 Variety Evaluation (PDF Document)J. O'Sullivan$7,500
2017 Downy Mildew Control (PDF Document)J. O'Sullivan$5,000
2017 Variety Performance Trials (PDF Document)J. Zandstra$3,500
2017 Evaluation of Cultivars for Tolerance to Bacterial Spot (PDF Document)C. Trueman$4,000
2017 Managing Copper Tolerant Bacterial Spot with Advanced Nanoparticles (PDF Document)C. Trueman$8,750
2017 Enhancing Late Blight Management (PDF Document)J. LeBoeuf$8,845
2017 Using Genomic Tools - Tomato Breeding Research (PDF Document)S. Loewen
2017 Managing Plant-Parasitic Nematodes (PDF Document)K. Jordan/C. Trueman$5,000
2017 Crop Tolerance Evaluations (PDF Document)D. Robinson/R. Nurse$8,000
2017 Problem Weed Control & Herbicide Tank Mix Interactions (PDF Document)D. Robinson/R. Nurse$8,000
2017 FungicidePrograms for Early Blight (PDF Document)C. Trueman$3,500
2017 BMPs for Bacterial Disease Management (PDF Document)C. Trueman5,000