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2018 Weed Control Evaluations in Processing Cucumbers (PDF Document)D. Robinson$3,000
2018 Efficacy of Fungicides for Downy Mildew Control in Processing Cucumbers (PDF Document)J. O'Sullivan$5,000
2018 Cucumber Downy Mildew Monitoring (PDF Document)C. Trueman$3,800
2018 Processing Pea Evaluation (PDF Document)J. Zandstra$5,000
2018 Weed Control in Processing Vegetables (PDF Document)D. Robinson$19,000
2018 Evaluation of Alternative Products for Management of Bacterial Spot in Processing Tomatoes - Field and Greenhouse (PDF Document)C. Trueman$8,750
2018 Problem Weed Control and Herbicide Tank Mix Interaction in Processing Tomatoes (PDF Document)D. Robinson/R. Nurse$8,000
2018 BMPs for Bacterial Disease Management in Processing Tomatoes (PDF Document)C. Trueman$5,000
2018 Processing Cucumber Variety Performance Trials (PDF Document)J. Zandstra$3,500
2018 Breeding to Protect Plant Health in Processing Tomatoes (PDF Document)S. Loewen$55,375
2018 Investigation into Variables Affecting Tomato Solids (PDF Document)J. Zandstra$10,000
2018 Development of Effective Spray Program for Cucurbit Downy Mildew (PDF Document)C. Trueman$5,000
2018 NYS Processing Snap Beans & Sweet Corn Evaluations (PDF Document)J. Ballerstein$5,600
2018 Enhancing Late Blight Management in Tomatoes (PDF Document)C. Trueman/Tomecek Agronomy$10,692.12
2018 Efficacy of Fungicides and Fungicide Programs for Processing Tomatoes (PDF Document)C. Trueman$5,000
2018 Management and Extent of Phytophthora Fruit Rot (PDF Document)C. Trueman$4,200
2018 Neonicotinoid Alternatives for Management of Cucumber Beetle in Cucumber and Squash (PDF Document)C. Trueman$2,500
2018 Long-Term Cover Crop Research (PDF Document)Laura Van Eerd$3,000
2018 Spray Hub Report (PDF Document)Tomecek Agronomy$45,000
2018 Processing Cucumber Cultivar Evaluations (PDF Document)J. O'Sullivan$7,000