March 2022 Newsletter

OPVG News - March 2022

OPVG Newsletter
March 2022 Edition
OPVG Annual General Meeting - March 30, 2022
Registration Extended!
The OPVG AGM is fast approaching. This event is in-person with the option of virtual attendance. An Agenda is available on the OPVG website. Register now!
Deadline to register is March 15.
AGM Agenda
Crop Negotiation Updates
Cucumber negotiations resulted in the following:
  • Hartung MACHINE Harvest Cucumber agreement was reached and a copy sent to growers.
  • Hartung HAND Harvest Cucumbers for Eastern and Chatham regions were referred to arbitration. A decision is forthcoming and we will keep growers updated.
Green Pea negotiations ended on the deadline of February 22 without an agreement. Final offers were exchanged and a green pea grower meeting was held on February 25. The matter has been referred to arbitration and OPVG will keep growers updated.
Sweet Corn negotiations ended on the deadline of February 28 without agreement. Final offers were exchanged and have been emailed to sweet corn growers with a grower meeting set for March 7.
Green & Wax Bean negotiations are currently underway with a deadline of March 14.
Lima Bean negotiations are currently underway with a deadline of March 22.
Squash negotiations are currently underway with a deadline of March 22.
Ministry of Environment, Conservation and Parks:
Online Services for Environmental Permissions
Did you know the Ministry has an online portal for the submission of certain environmental permissions?
Which permissions can I submit online?
The following environmental permission services are available:
Why apply online?
1.     Convenient access to all your environmental permissions in one account
2.      Improved certainty: know your application has been received without delay
3.     Know your application status: notifications about your application progress directly
in your Ministry account
4.     Report your water takings in the same account with improved functionality
5.     Skip the hassle of re-submitting information when you renew your PTTW
How do I learn more?
For more information on how to set up your accounts and access environmental permission services online, visit:
You may also visit this YouTube video for a complete demonstration.
Should you have questions or need assistance, you may contact the Client Services and Permissions Branch by phone, Monday to Friday (8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.) at 416-314-8001,Toll-free: 1-800-461-6290 or by email at
What resources is the Ministry offering?
The Ministry is offering account creation sessions and demonstrations to assist you in submitting online. Visit the booking page to set up a session.
·        Account creation sessions: dedicated support to help you create your account
·        Demonstrations: walkthrough of the online submission and reporting process
The 46th Annual Tomato Day
Thursday, March 10, 2022 9:00 am – 3:30 pm
John D. Bradley Center, Chatham, ON
Kindly RSVP to the OPVG office
Brock University: Survey how do you share, find and use horticulture research?
To meet increasing expectations for more sustainable production, the horticulture sector needs access to useable information and research about effective best management practices (BMPs). The Niagara Community Observatory at Brock University is conducting a series of surveys in Ontario’s horticulture sector to learn how research about BMPs is shared, accessed, and used.
The findings from the research will be used to develop more effective ways for sharing and accessing sustainable horticulture research that support the adoption of BMPs. Your feedback is important, completely voluntary as well as anonymous.
Please participate in the survey by clicking on the link below that applies to you.
Horticulture Producers growing any fruit, vegetable, and specialty crops in Ontario (not greenhouse crops): link to survey
Researchers/Scientists involved in any aspect of BMP research, including development, design, testing, validation, and implementation: link to survey
Horticulture Stakeholders working on and/or promoting and supporting the adoption of BMPs in Ontario’s horticulture sector, including general farm organizations, commodity associations, agri-business associations, input suppliers, CCAs, agronomists, provincial and federal crop extension/advisory specialists, OMAFRA staff, agricultural journalists and media, agri-environmental organizations: link to survey
McGill University: Survey of Canadian Vegetable Producers 
Researchers at McGill University are looking for survey participants! The survey will help us understand how different sales channels and standards affect rates of fruit and vegetable loss. If you participate, your responses will be completely anonymous. 
For more information, go to, or email Xiaoyi Huang ( or Prof. Mary Doidge (
Photo Contest Extended Until April 15th!
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