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June 2021 Newsletter

OPVG News - June 2021

OPVG Newsletter
June 2021 Edition
Annual General Meeting held March 30, 2021
Our first virtual AGM was a success! You can find the recorded version on our website. Click HERE to access the video directly.
If you haven't accessed the 2020 Corporate Profile with Financials yet, click HERE to go directly to our website. The document is located under the About tab on the homepage, Auditors Reports, 2020
The Resolutions Report from the Grower Business Session can also be found under the About tab on the homepage, Auditors Reports, Report on Resolutions 2020. Or click HERE to access the report directly.
Research Highlights
The research report titled A Roadmap For Reducing Labour Challenges was emailed to all members recently. The full report is also on our website. This can help in applying to the new technology funds from the provincial government.
2021 Contracts
All crops were finalized with an agreement. By now you should have received your emailed copy of the agreement for the crop(s) you produce. Please contact the Board office if you do not have your copy.
2021 Pricing Summary
Green Peas - up 15.5%, plus enhancements to late harvest premium and removal of double crop clause (approx. 5.5% value)
Green & Wax Beans - up 21.5%
Sweet Corn - Up 21% plus change to late planting premium of $5/acre/day, which will now continue if grower and processor agree to plant after June 30th
Lima Beans - Up 20%, plus late planting premium beginning June 25th
Cucumbers - Chatham & Eastern hand harvest up 2.5%; machine harvest up a minimal increase
Squash - Up 5.5% with enhancements to late delivery fee
Onions - Up 3%
Tomatoes - Grower directly negotiates with processor
Carrots - Grower directly negotiates with processor
Ontario Helps Farmers and Agri-food Operators Keep Workers Safe During COVID-19
Funding Program
The Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs is providing $10 million to allow more farmers and agri-food operators to purchase personal protective equipment, enhance cleaning and disinfection and redesign workstations to better protect workers.
Contact: Agricultural Information Contact Center (AICC)
Ph: 1-877-424-1300
Ontario Investing $25.5 Million in Technology to Protect Agri-Food Workers
Funding Program
The Ontario government is launching a modernized cost-share intake as part of a $25.5 million program to increase the adoption of technological innovations within the agri-food sector.
Contact: Agricultural Information Contact Center (AICC)
Ph: 1-877-424-1300
Herbicide Poster
We have a large supply of herbicide posters that can be a useful tool onsite at your farm. Please contact the office for a copy opvg@opvg.org.
Mental Health Resources (free) Aimed for Ag-workers 
The OFA offers a mental health resource page that provides valuable information.
CABI Bioprotection
The CABI BioProtection Portal is a free, web-based tool that enables users to find information about registered biocontrol and biopesticide products around the world.
The Grove-Western Fair District Agri-Food Experience
In May, OPVG contributed to the creation of a free virtual program to teach children about the local food system in Ontario. The program was designed to show how food gets from the farm to their plates with an inside look at some of the businesses and people who make that happen.
Thank you to Ken Hamm, a grower member of OPVG, who donated his time to share knowledge of agriculture and tomato farming with school-aged children.
We want to see your farms innovation & technology!
Local Food Week - social media campaign
This June, from the 7th to the 13th, OPVG & OFA would like to encourage you to celebrate Local Food Week by championing the Ontario agri-food value chain that feeds and fuels our province. 
Share your love for local food on social media using #loveONTfood
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