February 2022 Newsletter

OPVG News - February 2022

OPVG Newsletter
February 2022 Edition
Service Fee Breakdown
OPVG uses the collective income from fees, investment income, grants and other income to offset the expenses to deliver programs for the benefit of all growers. These include promotion of the sector through various projects like the Fields to Fork campaign, pesticide representation, labour representation, research, trade issues, grower technology transfer and program development. The administration costs also include promotion and public relations with our consumers, district grants, membership fees, professional fees including auditing and legal representation for bylaws and regulations. The fees also cover staff salaries and office overhead for the organization.
Following is an example of the breakdown:
Cucumber Negotiation Update
An agreement has been reached with Hartung for Machine Harvest cucumbers resulting in an increase of 10.3% with changes to pricing and the Downy Mildew premiums.
Hand Harvest cucumber negotiations with Hartung will proceed to arbitration with final offers having been exchanged.
2022 Negotiations - We Welcome Your Feedback
Negotiations for green peas, green and wax beans, lima beans, squash and sweet corn are starting. The grower Negotiating Committees would appreciate your feedback, in particular:
  • challenges/successes in 2021
  • your thoughts about pricing
  • potential enhancements to contract terms
Please send your feedback by email to opvg@opvg.org
The Board held their first meeting of the year on January 12th and elected Ron VanDamme and Chris Stewart as Vice Chairs. Dave Hope continues to serve as Chair. The Board looks forward to supporting our grower members. Contact information can be found below.
OPVG Annual General Meeting - March 30, 2022
Register Today!
The OPVG AGM is fast approaching. We are planning an in-person event with the option of virtual attendance. The AGM will be informative and allow for networking, speakers, and a grower resolutions session. An Agenda is available on our website.
Deadline to register is February 15. We look forward to seeing you!
Update on Harvest
The final numbers are in for Carrots and Onions.
Carrots - 38,400 contracted tons; 40,182 harvested tons
 Onions - 1,587 contracted tons; 961 harvested tons
Grower Training: "Understanding the CanadaGAP Program" presented by Essential Food Safety
An excellent step to better understand the technical requirements and improve your food safety program implementation. Understanding the requirements can also assist with increasing your overall audit score.
March 7 & 8 - 8:30am-4:30pm EST
April 11 & 12 - 9:00am-5:00pm EST
May 2 & 3 - 8:00am - 4:00pm PST
Click this link to register: www.essentialfoodsafety.ca/courses
Please use the discount code OPVG when registering.
For more information email: ckorpan@essentialfoodsafety
Support Line Now Live for Farmers (& Their Families)
Through the Farmer Wellness Initiative, the provincial and federal governments are funding access for up to four free counselling sessions with a mental health professional for all farmers across Ontario, including members of their family. The mental health professionals have received training to understand the unique needs of Ontario farmers.  
Farmers can call 1-866-267-6255 to speak to a counsellor - accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, in English and French
London Food Bank Donation
The London Food Bank,  926 Leathorne St.
OPVG made a contribution to the London Food Bank with 3 cases of canned corn and a cheque for $840. Happily handing over the donation is Colleen Clark, OPVG Administrative Assistant.
Melissa Diamond, OPVG Digital Marketing Specialist & Event Coordinator with Jane Roy, Executive Director of the London Food Bank.
NPO helping NPO
The OPVG 4th Annual Photo Contest Closes on February 15
Submit your pictures! Cash prizes available! See our website for more details.
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