August 2021 Newsletter

OPVG News - August 2021

OPVG Newsletter
August 2021 Edition
Newly Appointed Minister of Agriculture
On June 18, 2021 a new Minister of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs was appointed. OPVG welcomes the Honourable Lisa Thompson, MPP for Huron-Bruce in her new role as Minister of OMAFRA. We look forward to working with Minister Thompson on the issues that face our grower members in the processing vegetable sector.
Upcoming Board Elections
In September, growers will begin to receive information about the Board elections for open Director positions. The Board has selected Canlead Solutions  , same as the previous year, as the returning officer for the Board elections. District 1 will vote in two Board members, District 2 and 3 will elect in one board member each. Contact our office if you have questions about the process.
Upcoming Strategic Planning for OPVG
This fall we will begin a new phase of strategic planning. Lead by our Board and facilitated by Dr. Larry Martin, we are excited to devise a contemporary strategic plan for the next five years.
2021 Contract Intentions
Please find all preliminary contract intentions for 2021 below.
  • Carrot contract volumes are down from 47,900 tons in 2020 to 38,400 tons in 2021.
  • Cucumber contract tonnage is down slightly from 40,936 in 2020 to 40,722 in 2021.
  • Green and wax bean contract acreage is down from 5,020 in 2020 to 4,316 in 2021.
  • Green pea contract volumes are down from 14,700 acres in 2020 to 13,095 acres in 2021.
  • Lima bean contract acreage is down from 3,807 in 2020 to 3,008 in 2021.
  • Squash contract volumes are down from 5,550 tons in 2020 to 2,892 tons in 2021.
  • Sweet corn contract acreage is down from 10,185 in 2020 to 8,906 in 2021.
  • Tomato contract tonnage is up from 476,445 in 2020 to 548,185 in 2021.
Cucumber Downy Mildew
To date, Cucumber Downy Mildew was identified at all five scouting locations in Chatham-Kent. Only one site in Elgin-Norfolk was identified. Check our website for the latest updates.
A demo at Bercab Farms in Tupperville on July 7, 2021 displayed the Naio OZ robot by Haggerty Creek in action. We were there to capture it in action!
Research Lunch Time Talks
Growers, do you have a spare hour on Wednesday, August 25th? OPVG is hosting a research extension event that you won't want to miss! Researchers will present their completed findings in a lunch time virtual presentation.
We hope you can join us and we encourage you to ask questions or share information about your farming and crops.
More details and meeting links will be sent out shortly.
Herbicide Poster
We have a large supply of herbicide posters that can be a useful tool on your farm. Please contact the office for a copy
Faces Behind Food
We have joined Farm & Food Care Ontario in a marketing effort to highlight a few of our growers, their staff and their work on the farm. On July 27th we appreciated the opportunity to visit L.C.P farms in Mount Bridges. The squash is coming along nicely, we cant wait for Thanksgiving already!
Who says you can't be a great model and a great processing vegetable grower! It was amazing to hear the Gubbels' story.
These squash are already so big! Still months of growing to go. This lush one may go into baby food, be cut and frozen for bagging or added to ready-made soups!
A beautiful squash blossom in mid July
In the field taking some photos and video footage.
2021 Share Your Best Shots - 4th Annual Photo Contest
Our annual photo contest is open and we want your pictures! The winner in each category wins a cash prize. For more details on eligibility, please go to our website
Looking for Your Input
This November, research proposals are due from our researchers. We want to steer them towards the kind of research that is needed to benefit processing vegetable growers. What research is beneficial to you and your farm? We appreciate your suggestions on research priorities and crop challenges that affect your farm. Email us at We look forward to your response!
Check Out OPVG Website - Staff Photos Added
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