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OPVG Board of Director Nominations/Elections

Meetings have been scheduled for the purpose of electing OPVG Board of Director members as follows:

Election for 2 Directors
Time:  7:00 p.m.
Date:  Thursday, September 28th
Location:  John D. Bradley Chatham Kent Convention Centre (565 Richmond Street, Chatham)
Election for 1 Director
Time:  9:00 a.m.
Date:   Friday, September 29th
Location:  Amy`s Restaurant and Banquet Hall (28537 Centre Road, Strathroy)

Election for 1 Director
Time:  1:00 p.m.
Date:  Tuesday, September 26th
Location:  Courtland Community Centre (276 Main Street, Courtland)

At this time, we would ask that you SUBMIT NAMES FOR NOMINATION of your provincial directors.  Only names submitted in advance will be eligible for election.  You may submit your own name or nominate another grower from YOUR DISTRICT.  We will verify each candidate`s willingness and eligibility to stand for election.  Each candidate will be asked to submit a standardized biography for distribution prior to the election.

Please note that in the event you applied for appointment by the Farm Products Marketing Commission, we ask that you submit your name for election as well.  Should you be selected as an appointed member, it is possible to remove your name from the ballot at any time prior to elections. 

In order to meet the tight timelines, we ask that names (nominations) be submitted by MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 18th. 

Please submit nominations to the OPVG by email (, by fax (519-685-5719) or by phone (519-681-1875).


• Only one producer, holding a current contract, per farm is eligible to vote.

• Voting will be by secret ballot.

• Proxy Voting:  Any producer who cannot attend an election meeting may designate, in writing, another person to serve as a proxy voter (form attached). The proxy voter can only vote on behalf of one (1) producer per election, plus their own vote, if applicable.


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