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Food Safety

Food Safety

Several months ago, all growers would have received from the OPVG, a brief note reviewing the issue of food safety in a processing vegetable context, accompanied by a letter from food safety expert, Dr. Doug Powell.  At the risk of restating the obvious, the science has not changed.  The “processing” step in preserving canned, frozen and pickled vegetables destroys any pathogens present. 

Obviously, from a food safety perspective, there is a significant difference between fresh produce and vegetables for processing.  However, for those growers whose operation already includes a fresh produce component, it may be a relatively simply matter to incorporate additional crops into their fresh produce food safety plan.

Whether growers of vegetables for processing choose to carry out additional practices other than those specifically required in the negotiated agreements, is entirely at their option.  Note however, that although these practices often come at a financial cost to growers, they will have no impact on the overall safety of the finished product being produced.

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