Crop Selection

2017 Squash Agreement

Agreement was reached with Bonduelle Ontario Inc. on the 2017 crop of squash for processing.

Price increased from $143.50 in 2016 to $144.75.

The clause pertaining to disease and pest control was changed to read as follows:

The producer is responsible for disease and pest control.  A processor may reject butternut squash if such butternut squash carry a harmful residue, making the butternut squash unsuitable for processing as a result of the application of 2017crop protection products not in accordance with recommendations for butternut squash by the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture and Food and the Ontario Ministry of the Environment and/or processor.  The grower shall be required to maintain and submit within 60 days of seeding, a written record of growers crop protection products applied.   Failure to do so shall constitute breach of contract and may result in processor not harvesting crop.  Processor shall determine the approved crop protection products to be applied.  Failure to adhere to this list by the grower may result in processor refusing to accept delivery. Any acres unharvested as a result, would not be considered by-passed acres.  Where the grower has not submitted records as required, processor shall send a registered letter to the grower within 5 days of harvest of growers’ crop notifying grower that payment is being withheld pending receipt of records.

All other clauses remain unchanged from 2016.

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