Crop Selection

2017 Green Pea and Sweet Corn Settlement

Agreement has been reached with Bonduelle for the 2017 pea and sweet corn crops.  Details are as follows:


For peas, all tenderometer price categories are down 1.5%. 

In addition, where grower and processor agree to apply a fungicide to the crop, processor shall supply the product, grower shall cover application cost.


For sweet corn, price declined by $2/ton to $94/ton.

Similar to peas, with respect to fungicide applications, early (pre-tassel) fungicide applications, as agreed upon between grower and processor, will have the processor supplying the product and grower either doing the application or paying for the application.  Later applications are the full responsibility of the processor.


Bonduelle also continues to stress the importance of completing crop protection application records.  In this regard, wording was added to both agreements enabling Bonduelle to withhold payment pending receipt of this documentation from the grower.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the board office or your local director.

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