Crop Selection

Crop Insurance for Green Peas, Green and Wax Beans, Lima Beans and Sweet Corn

Agricorp has prepared a slide presentation outlining the basics of crop insurance for processing peas, beans and corn.  Topics covered include bypass and production claims, the unseeded acreage benefit and reseed benefit.

Growers should note that bypass claims in particular require vigilance and action on their part.  Bypass occurs when:

    •    the crop has reached a maturity level that makes it ready and suitable for harvesting and

    •    the crop is unable to be harvested due to either excess heat or excess rainfall

Where a grower believes he may be in this situation he should notify Agricorp.  If you are unsure about a situation developing on your farm, you can call your area OPVG director or board staff.

To view Agricorp’s slide presentation, click here.

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